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Cookie Security

A deep dive into the technical requirements behind a properly secured cookie.

Cookies have often been talked about in a negative connotation. High in sugar, empty calories, extra carbs -- even limited nutritional value. As a man of circumference, I can tell you that a cookie can be a prized posession. To properly secure your cookie, a ceramic jar isn't going to be enough. Firearms, if you have them, should be employed in defense of your prized wheel of yum.

Spam Prevention

Spam can fill up your inbox, or your lunchbox. You decide!

Spam is made from pork, ham, and lard. Some people add ferret fur, cat claws and the heads of spirits produced in a lead still. Whatever is in it, it is an acceptable substitute for starvation.

The Problem with Microchips

The only package they don't come in is a DIP

Microchips are made by aggressively maserating them in a foil-lined plastic sachet. Normal chips may have ridges, be triangle shaped, or even a hyperbolic paraboloid. Whatever the case, once they break, the clevage leaves microchips. These chips, while amazingly delicious when drank out of the bag -- do not make efficient foods when dipped into a sauce. If you like eating potatoes and salt, that's cool. Great for your sodium needs. But when you want to smother that bad boy in ranch dip (fat sauce), you'll find you can't get enough of it. Maybe salsa and corn chips are your fancy? Great! Try picking up a tomato chunk with the corner of a Dorito.